Style for Travel And-or On-The-Go

Here is a Product List w/ Reviews / a How-To Travel Guide for On-The-Go makeup, cosmetics, handbags and luggage, fashion, and other beauty products. For some women, it’s what to pack on a trip. For other women, a new traveling job, or even a diaper bag. Men can use these products too, for family trips, or holiday gifts.

Included are shopping suggestions, brands to use, and products to try. Also included are travel tips, beauty tips, and tips on using all natural products. This type of list is a timeless list, for well-traveled, or on-the-go lifestyles.

What To Bring:

Inside your Purse: Buy the pocket-mirror, shaped liked a heart, engraved with your name, by Red Envelope for an idea. Heck, even pill cases and tampon cases are fashionable these days! Bring a bright bold red cosmetic case, and a neutral day to night purse clutch is also handy.

Always Carry On: Hold personal belongings in travel bag collections in different sizes to use quickly and easily, like the ones by Target style, and a good bag per season, you can find at a discount retailer. Or use your makeup freebie bags from your favorite department store!

Personal Luggage: Keep it personal with a color or pattern, and name tag too! Get your travel bags, a multiset, at a department or discount stores. Check your travel tips for airline sizes and weights!

What To Wear: Travel comfortably in a jumpsuit from VS, a sun dress with layers, and your favorite sneakers, or if you dare, your flip flops. Remember the no shoe rule, so please check your feet, thank you!

What to Shop for:

Shop for travel or all-in-one makeup collections, like from Sephora.
Shop for compact makeup tool collections, like from Eyes Lip Face.
Shop for products with gift bags too!

Drugstores are great for makeup and travel, like products for airline use, even bottles to reuse your own products in! for speciality travel sets, like natural or organic, ethnic or mens gifts.


For daily use: An all in one, moisturizer and makeup, with SPF. Try Neutrogena face soaps, and Dove body soaps, for an easy brand to locate at your local stores. Remember to use a makeup remover at night, at the least when you travel! For all day: mineral makeup like by Physicans Formula. The not-so-essentials: an essential like mascara, by Maybeline. Splurge a little when you shop (help the economy, help yourself). Try all natural Burt’s Bees travel and gift sets, for fun for all ages.

Tips: Remember to travel safe*
Remember also that looking good can make you feel good, even if it only takes 5 minutes in the a.m. , and yes, even when you travel.
Treat yourself at your own home spa and salon, to save $.
Holiday or Vacation.
Shopping is a good de-stresser.

This is a Guest Post, provided by Harley Lynch.
Harley is a top contributor at JitteryMonks, Who writes disserations, essays and other needed things. As per her “It was JitteryMonks who helped me write my disseration at the time when I needed the most”. So she is doing what needs to be done.